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About Varied / Hobbyist Is secretly a Space Platypus.Female/United States Groups :icon100tbc: 100TBC
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Is secretly a Space Platypus.
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United States
Alias - Haz
Nationality - American
D.O.B. - Aug 31
Location - United States
Occupation - College student; Biophysics Major/Microbiology Minor
Interests - Art | Music | Video Games | Fantasy & Sci-Fi books | Comics | Science | Occult | History | Other Cultures
Likes - Animals | Food | Sleep | Literature & Music
Dislikes - Uncooked Peppers | Rude People | Liars | Working Retail

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I wanted to say shot, but the strike tag doesn't work in the title box. >:1
Anywho, was tagged by Art-Zealot and this looks like fun.

The Rules

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 5 unknown facts about your SH character.
3. Tag 3 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1. Adelaide speaks with a deaf accent, because she's Hard of Hearing (HoH) since entering Sybal Heim. She has a hard time understanding if/when someone speaks too fast, whispers, or sometimes when a person isn't talking directly to her. She also doesn't understand anything either than Sybalian, all the rest sounds like gibberish to her. At night, her accent changes since she can clearly hear herself now, and can understand if someone speaks fast or talking away from her; but still can't understand anything either Sybalian, and usually can't pick up on whispers around her. whispers are also the best way to question why she's copying since most likely she won't hear that

2. This is kind of related to the first one, Adelaide is easily spooked. Since her hearing is compromised, she relies more on her sight and touch senses. If someone came up behind her without getting her attention first (pretty much yelling/speaking very loudly), will make her jump. Walking around a corner, instant spook. The random spider like thing crawling on her chair/couch, burn the thing.

3. Chickens are her least favorite farm animal because they get into anything and everything. She does make some delicious chicken dishes btw.

4. Winter is her favorite season, because of snow. She does tend to her land a bit, but when what little work she does is done, she's usually instigating snowball fights with friends who come to visit. Of course she won't just randomly throw snow at those who hate it, she's not that rude.

5. Despite corn and anything made of corn being her favorite food, her least favorite corn product is corn bread. Unless it's baked into something else (stuffing, bread pudding), or soaked in butter/butter and jam, she really won't eat it. It's a texture thing really.

I have no clue whose been tagged or not, since this apparently spread like wildfire. Um...... I don't know, I really don't know who to tag. :'1  Those who haven't done it I guess. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

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Another year, another addition to the birthday wall. 

Happy Birthday Haz, dear! You've come so far in the years that I've known you and I know you'll be going even further as each new year comes around. And I look forward to knowing you in the future as I have in the past :heart: 
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There was something important happening today...... what was it... hm..

oh, right! It's the last day before my cereal goes off! 

also it's your birthday ;] Hope you have a wonderful one, sweetheart. Keep being the amazing, hard working, kick arse, superfly space platypus that you are :heart:
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